G-Dragon Humbly Discusses BIGBANG’s Influence On New Groups

The talented members of BIGBANG sat down to talk about their long-lasting career as they commemorate their 10-year anniversary.

On August 4, they opened an exhibition called “BIGBANG10 The Exhibition A to Z” at S-Factory in Seoul that showcases their career from its members’ perspectives.

At the press conference for their exhibition, G-Dragon shares, “Actually, we’ve never prepared an album thinking, ‘What kind of influence should we give?'”

He continues, “We just did what we wanted to do and we were supported well by those around us and so that’s why we think we were able to be get to this point successfully. We’re proud and happy if our juniors see us and feel something from us. When we were younger, we also looked at our seniors and thought ‘That’s what a singer should be.’ Frankly speaking, we look at the people who are debuting now and think we can learn something from them. If there’s something to learn, we learn it and if there’s something bad, we fix it and we try to become stronger.”

“BIGBANG10 The Exhibition A to Z” will include photos, videos, costumes, music, and other elements from the group. It will take place from August 5 to October 30.

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