Watch: Jessi Is Completely Shocked By “I Can See Your Voice” Results

On Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice,” a complete reversal of the final duet leaves Jessi completely shocked.

During the episode, Jessi appears as a guest star and has to identify which contestants are skilled singers and which contestants are actually tone-deaf. After all the performances and analyzing the possibilities with the panel, she finally chooses a contestant with the name, “Yoon Jong Shin’s Music Slave.” Thinking that he is a skilled singer, Jessi sings the final duet with him.

As Jessi raps and sings with her powerful voice, everyone including those on the panel watch the contestant expectantly, thinking that he is a skilled singer.

However, the contestant shocks everyone by cutting through Jessi’s singing with tone-deaf shouts. Jessi is so shocked, but in the end she laughs and the two of them continue to perform together.

Watch the clip below!

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