BTOB’s Eunkwang Reveals Who He Thinks Is the Prettiest Girl Group Member

On a recent episode of “Happy Together,” BTOB’s Eunkwang reveals which girl group member has recently caught his eye.

For this episode, guests included singer Kim Heung Guk, soccer commenter Lee Young Pyo, and gold medalist fencer Choi Byung Chul, and BTOB’s Eunkwang. The theme for the episode is “Ajusshi Candidates” where the guests try to claim that they are definitely ajusshis.

“After I became a singer I never had a girlfriend. I’m committing to my music,” Eunkwang confesses. In response, the MCs tease him saying that it couldn’t be the only reason. But Eunkwang continues saying, “They say that after celebrities become celebrities, they get asked out, but that’s never happened to me.”


When he is asked which girl group member is the prettiest, Eunkwang replies, “Red Velvet’s Seulgi.”

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