12 Ridiculously Hot K-Pop Managers That Will Make You Swoon

If idols are tornadoes that sweep us off our feet and make our hearts flutter, managers are the rocks that keep these idols from completely blowing away. From arranging their schedules to body-guarding, these managers work behind the scenes to keep your idols, well, your idols.

But sometimes, managers are also equally guilty of making us feel faint! While good looks aren’t a requirement of being a manager, some of these managers are pretty sah-woony! Check out our picks for the hottest K-Pop managers below!

B1A4’s manager, Kim Hwan Dong

Not just a cute guy, but a cute guy with puppies?


Girls’ Generation’s manager

Doesn’t he look like G-Dragon with those sunglasses?

Honestly, what is SM feeding everyone? From the idols to the managers, they all look so good!

SHINee’s manager, Gyeon Shik

His height <3

His rapport with Onew <3

Dalmatian’s (DMTN) manager, Han Yong Joo

When is he debuting?

Teen Top’s manager, Yeon Seob

Doesn’t he look like a mix of actors Gong Yoo and Jang Hyuk (who is killing it in “Beautiful Mind” by the way)?

IU’s “prince” manager

I swear these managers all look like actors. He looks like Ji Sung in the picture below (with IU)!

Super Junior’s manager, Kim Jung Hoon

If I hadn’t known Super Junior this long, I would have thought their manager was a member!

Seo In Guk’s manager, Go Shin Woo

Formerly VIXX’s manager, Go Shin Woo even has his own fandom, called Moonlight!

BEAST’s manager, Hong Jin Taek

Hong Jin Taek used to manage 4minute before moving on to BEAST. He kind of looks like 2PM’s Taecyeon, right?

And speaking of 2PM…

2PM’s manager, Seon Jin Cheol

Cute guys with glasses…

… make them even cuter!

Lee Seung Gi’s manager

Me: I just booked an airplane ticket to Korea.
Friend: To see your bias?
Me: Well, my bias is in the army right now, so to see his manager.

Friend: See you in Korea.

Shinhwa Eric’s manager, Kim Bo Geun

Where do they get all these cute managers? (Asking for a friend…)


And a dose of cute…

Tiny G’s manager

She knows all their dances! Isn’t she adorable? �de42

Did these managers make your heart flutter like they made ours? Tell us in the comments below!

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