Viewers Claim “W” Released Potential Spoilers In Recent Episode?

It’s no surprise that MBC’s “W” has been very popular lately with its unique plot and effects.

Recently, viewers are making a claim that the drama has released a potential spoiler. The scene that potentially gives away a spoiler was revealed on episode five. It occurred during the beginning part of the episode where the drama explained what happened in the previous episodes. The drama showed an article with Kang Chul appearing on the page with the title “J&Global’s total market value is 1.8 trillion won.”


The article also stated, “It has been revealed that the strongest suspect in the J& Global’s representative Kang Chul’s attempted murder case, Ms. Oh, is actually the wife of representative Kang. Ms. Oh met Kang Chul in America last May and the two dated for six months before getting married. According to the police investigations, Ms. Oh ran from the site during the time of the assault because it was such an intense situation, enough to consider divorce, that she felt burdened by the public finding out. Ms. Oh went with armed guards to representative Kang’s prime hotel penthouse.”

Some viewers are suspecting if the drama is showing a happy ending, while others are saying that it seems like a ruse to hook people in.

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