Update: VIXX Shares Glimpse Of Choreography For “Fantasy”

Update August 10 KST:

VIXX is giving us a sneak peek of their choreography for “Fantasy” by sharing a “performance monitor spoiler” video! Watch it below.

Update August 9 KST:

Check out VIXX’s highlight medley for “Hades” below!

Update August 8 KST:

VIXX continues to tease fans with even more cryptic messages. This time, the group releases short individual videos of each of the members, revealing a different lyric every time.

Check out all the videos below!

Original August 6 KST:

With just a few days left until the release of the second part of their “Conception” trilogy, VIXX continues to tease at a dark and creepy concept for their newest album, “Hades.”

On August 6, the group dropped a concept film for both the album and its title track, “Fantasy.”

While eerie background music plays, the members appear to be searching for something while various other shots are interspersed.

Staying consistent with previous teasers, the black-and-white film also shows multiple scenes of thorns as well.

Check out the mysterious video below!

Meanwhile, the full album will be released on August 12 at midnight KST, while the music video for “Fantasy” will drop on August 15 at midnight KST.

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