Girls’ Generation Members Thank Fans For Steadfast Support On 9th Anniversary

Following the release of their fan song via SM STATION, the members of Girls’ Generation have individually taken to Instagram to celebrate the group’s 9th debut anniversary.

Sooyoung, who wrote the lyrics for the fan song “Sailing (0805),” posts a photo of all the members putting their hands in a huddle. She captions the photo with hashtags, “#rockandroll #itsGGday ?❤️ #turnup?? #congratsSONE ? #happy9thanniversaryGG #sailing0805.”

Yoona shares the album art for “Sailing (0805)” and writes, “Thank you for staying by our side for nine years~ Let’s continue to stay together for a long long time^^ I love you~~ Love u GG Love u SONE.”

Maknae Seohyun posts a video compilation featuring group photos of Girls’ Generation through the years with debut song “Into the New World” as the background track. She writes, “#9YearsWithGG Our memories..? ”

#9YearsWithGG 우리들의 추억..?

A video posted by seo ju hyun(seo hyun) (@seojuhyun_s) on

소녀시대는 5일 데뷔 9주년을 맞았다. 지난 2007년 8월3일 1집을 발매했지만 SBS ‘인기가요’를 통해 처음 공식 무대를 가진 날이 공식 데뷔일이 됐다.

한편, 소녀시대의 ‘그 여름(0805)’은 이날 오전 10시 기준 지니차트, 벅스, 엠넷, 네이버 등에서 1위에 올랐다.

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