Girl Group Member Is Charged With Aiding Indecent Assault Of Trainee

A girl group member has been booked on a charge of abetting the head of a management agency in the indecent assault of a trainee.

According to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea on August 6, management agency head Mr. Lee (38 years old) allegedly assaulted a newly-signed trainee on April 7. Girl group member Ms. Shin (27 years old) has been charged with being complicit with Mr. Lee in the act, allegedly laying down on the bed herself without any clothes on and doing as Mr. Lee said.

Mr. Lee allegedly told the trainee that if she wants to become a celebrity, she needs to learn to enjoy lobbying with sex and stripped her clothes.

The prosecution filed for arrest warrants for both Mr. Lee and Ms. Shin, but the court denied the warrant for Ms. Shin, saying that there was no need risk of her fleeing.

The prosecution plans to additionally investigate whether Mr. Lee actually put up any of his agency’s celebrities or trainees for sex lobbying. Mr. Lee reportedly already has a criminal record for threatening and assaulting aspiring trainees during auditions.

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