Solbi Shares How A Surprising Incident Became A Turning Point In Her Life

Entertainer Solbi took to Instagram to open up about an incredibly difficult moment in her life.

On August 7, she updated her Instagram with a long post, saying, “There was a time when I found solace in buying luxury brand name products. When I had a busy, jam-packed schedule, at first I was thankful as I tried to fulfill all my duties but there came a mental and physical limit to that. I then began to think that I could only fill myself with shopping and caring about my looks.”

She continues, “But then, during the time when I was struggling the most, I was robbed by a burglar and everything disappeared. Instead of wanting to give up, my mind suddenly became sharp. It was the turning point of my life. That’s why I started to buy books, visit art galleries and wrote my bucket list. I travelled the country and went through my bucket list one by one, filling my life with things that cannot be robbed by a burglar.”

She concludes, “I’ve realized there’s a lot of things that are really fun in this world. And so on that note, what do you think about visiting the art gallery today and spending a refreshing break?”

She then gave a fun puzzle to her followers to create a three-line poem and offered an autographed present as a reward.

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