Do Yoon Mi Rae And Tiger JK Want To Be Paired Up Together On “Fantastic Duo?”

On the August 7 episode of SBS’s “Fantastic Duo,” talented singer-rapper Yoon Mi Rae drew attention for guesting on her first competition show.

When asked what made her come on the show, she humorously answers, “On a previous broadcast, my husband promised that I’ll come on the show. The writer for the show and the producing director then came to my recording studio and asked when I was going to come on. And so I came to keep that promise.”

The panel members then wonder out loud, commenting, “It would be so fun if Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae competed against each other.” Well, it just so happens that Tiger JK is in the audience and he comes on stage with her!

Yoon Mi Rae 2

The panel members then ask him, “If Yoon Mi Rae wins, how do you feel about coming on as a challenger?” He immediately answers, “I don’t want to go against Yoon Mi Rae. I want to do it with another female singer.”

Yoon Mi Rae then looks at him and says, “Then is it okay for me to be with another guy singer? You can’t get mad then!”

Check out their funny conversation below!

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