Love Line Forms Between Soo Ae And Kim Jong Kook On “Running Man”

Is there a new love line on the horizon for Kim Jong Kook?

On the August 7 episode of the popular SBS variety show “Running Man,” the female protagonists of the movie “Take Off 2,” Soo Ae, Oh Yeon Seo and Ha Jae Sook, feature as the day’s guests.

On this episode, as the cast members ride in a bus on their way to their mission challenges, they start to try to connect Soo Ae with Kim Jong Kook. Ji Suk Jin asks her, “Do you like muscular men?” and she shyly answers, “Yes, I do.”

Soo Ae Kim Jong Kook

After prodding from the other cast members, she asks Kim Jong Kook, “What do you think about me?” and he becomes embarrassed and shy, as the cast members tease the two of them.

Check out the cute scene in the latest episode of “Running Man” on Viki below!

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