Ji Chang Wook And Yoo Joon Sang Reveal Each Other’s Drinking Habits

Actors Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Joon Sang revealed some hilarious tidbits about each other on a recent interview.

The main cast of the musical “The Days,” which includes Yoo Joon Sang, Ji Chang Wook and Shin Go Eun, guested on the August 7 episode of the MBC’s “Section TV.”

Ji Chang Wook talks about their relationships, saying, “Since the first day of practice, Yoo Joon Sang sunbae mentioned that we should go on a trip and we actually were able to do that. We picked a date and about a month later, we went on the trip.”

Yoo Joon Sang then reveals some details of what happened on the trip, sharing, “Chang Wook is exactly the same when he drinks.” Ji Chang Wook adds, “There’s no change in my behavior. I just get really red.”

When asked if he can drink, Yoo Joon Sang replies, “Although I look like I can drink well, I don’t drink a lot. Even if I do drink, its maybe just one glass.”

Ji Chang Wook chimes in and makes everyone laugh when he honestly says, “Joon Sang hyung prefers the drinking games over the actual drinking!”

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