2PM’s Junho Implores Sasaeng Fans To Stop Following Him Home

2PM member Junho has taken to Twitter to beg so-called “sasaeng fans” to respect personal boundaries.

Late in the evening on August 7, Junho posted a series of three tweets addressing those who had recently followed him home. He uses the term “sasaeng fans,” which refers to an obsessive “fan” that invades a celebrity’s private life through inappropriate behavior. The full text is as follows:

“To those few of you, please stop following me home. Not only I, but also the people around me are having a hard time. If this continues, I will have to leave this home. Do you enjoy seeing me in pain and having a hard time? I try not to write this kind of post usually, but I’m finding this so tiring. I beg of you. Please!

“Throughout my career as a singer, I’ve always thought that everyone who gave me love is a fan. But I’ve now started to think about the term ‘sasaeng fans’ that people often talk about, because I’ve met these few people who have given a hard time not only to me, but also to the people around me.

“I hope that I will remember you all in my heart as fans that I love, for as long as I am your singer, your actor, and your celebrity in the future. I want us to have good manners and sincerely cherish and support each other. I beg of you.”

Junho is currently promoting his new chart-topping solo Japanese mini album “DSMN,” with his next stops on his solo concert tour “Hyper” set for August 13 and 14 in Sapporo.