“2 Days & 1 Night” Members (And Guests!) Take The “Old Man” Test

On the August 7 episode of “2 Days & 1 Night,” the members and some special guests took a test to see if they had an “ahjussi” (old man) mentality.

After TWICE came to visit earlier in the day, the members get excited when they hear that more guests are coming. However, instead of idols, they get announcers and former athletes like Lee Ji Yeon, Jo Woo Jong, Lee Young Pyo, Yeo Hong Chul, Han Joon Hee, Ha Tae Kwon, and Choi Byung Chul.

2 days & 1 night

All of the guests (except Lee Ji Yeon, who acted as MC) are men ranging from their thirties to middle age. So instead of the “Idol Athletics Championships,” they decide to hold the “Ahjussi Athletics Championships.”

Their first test is about the gestures and phrases that youth tend to use. When asked to make a heart gesture, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jun Ho, Ha Tae Kwon, Lee Young Pyo, and Han Joon Hee hold up both arms to make a heart the old-fashioned way. The other members do the trendy “finger hearts” pose instead.

Lee Young Pyo

Youth in Korea tend to use only the first “letters” of each “syllable” to spell out certain words. When asked about the shortened form for the Korean word for “acknowledgment,” many of the guests came up with hilarious answers that showed the generation gap between them and some of the younger members.

Watch the episode below!

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