New tvN Drama “Drinking Solo” Releases Character Posters

Character posters for tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Drinking Solo” have been released!

“Drinking Solo” is a drama about tired college lecturers and students who find their comfort in alcohol. The posters show a variety of characters, each with a different type of alcohol and food. The drinks and the food vary depending on the character’s ages, personalities and careers.

Drinking Solo 2

Ha Suk Jin stars as Jin Jeong Suk, a star lecturer who enjoys drinking alone, while Park Ha Sun stars as Park Hana, a new lecturer. Other cast members include Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Hwang Jin Yi, a college student who is popular for her sexy good looks, and SHINee’s Key, who stars as Kibum, a third year student.

“Drinking Solo” is a comedy that tells the story about lecturers and students who get their comfort through alcohol. The drama will air after “Bring It On, Ghost” on September 5.

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