2PM’s Junho Shares His Frustrations With Sasaeng Fans On Twitter

2PM’s Junho recently shared his thoughts on his experience with “sasaeng fans.”

The 2PM member posted on Twitter saying, “A few of you, please stop following me to my house. It’s not just me, but the people around me who are also having a hard time. Then I also have to leave this house. Do you enjoy watching me suffer and have a hard time? I don’t usually post things like this but it’s really hard for me. I’m asking you. PLEASE!”

“With all the love that I’ve received as a singer, I’ve lived life thinking that all of you are fans. But as I started meeting the people who are making things hard for me and the people around me, I’ve begun to think of you as ‘sasaeng fans’ instead,” he continues.

Junho finished his thoughts, “From now on I hope that as everyone’s singer, everyone’s actor, and everyone’s celebrity, I can think of you all as loving fans.”

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