YMC Doesn’t Understand Why People Think I.O.I Sub-Unit’s Concept Is “Sexy”

I.O.’s new sub-unit has released their first track “Whatta Man (Good Man),” but YMC Entertainment is not completely into the reception it’s been getting.

Ever since the teasers for “Whatta Man (Good Man)” were released, many have assumed that the sub-unit is going for a sexy concept, but YMC says that wasn’t what they were going for at all.

“This unit’s concept is not ‘sexy,'” a source from the agency says. “We didn’t emphasize sexiness at all, so we don’t know why we’re receiving this kind of response.”

“Rather than sexiness, we wanted to emphasize the charisma [the girls] can display on stage and their girl crush charm,” the source continues. “This will definitely be a performance that differs from the previous ‘unique’ concept [for ‘Dream Girls].”

Composed of seven of the eleven members, I.O.I’s new sub-unit released “Whatta Man (Good Man)” on August 9 at midnight KST.

What did you think of the concept for “Whatta Man (Good Man)”?

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