GFRIEND Spills The Beans On Yuju’s Drinking Habit

On the August 8 broadcast of Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s SBS LoveFM radio show, “Two Man Show,” girl group GFRIEND appears as guests.

During the show, DJ Yang Se Hyung asks the girls about their dorm life and late night snacking habits.

“We like soondae gobchang (small intestines sausage),” GFRIEND says, and the members who are of age share, “We pair the soondae gobchang with fruit soju.”

When asked about how much they can drink, leader Sowon responds, “Yuju has particularly low tolerance. When she gets drunk, she cries.”

Sowon continue, “While at a company workshop, Yuju drank and starting crying, so our boss sang her a song.”

“Yuju’s really good at imitating those around her,” Yerin adds, saying that even without alcohol, Yuju is the life of the party.

“I can perfectly imitate the cafe owner or the unnis at the convenience store. I’m a human copy machine,” Yuju says.

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