Yang Hyun Suk Reveals He’s More Worried About BLACKPINK Than He Was For WINNER or iKON

At BLACKPINK’s single album “Square One” showcase, which was held on August 8, Yang Hyun Suk reveals that he has more concerns about BLACKPINK than he did about WINNER or iKON.

“It’s not that we didn’t put in a lot of work for WINNER or iKON. Through doing two survival programs, we ended up putting a lot of effort into them,” Yang Hyun Suk says.

“But in BLACKPINK’s case, there was nothing like a program [prior to their debut], so it’s true that we are more concerned about them,” Yang Hyun Suk continues. “As a joke, I told Teddy, ‘I think creating a girl group is five times harder [than creating a boy group]. There’s a lot to be careful about and advise [the girls] about.”

“I’m nervous about whether [BLACKPINK] will do well, but I have faith that they will,” Yang Hyun Suk says.

BLACKPINK made a highly anticipated debut on August 8 with “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle.”

What do you think about Yang Hyun Suk’s concerns?

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