Super Junior’s Leeteuk Shares His Strategy For Long-Lasting K-Pop Groups

On a recent recording of KBS CoolFM’s “Super Junior Kiss The Radio,” Leeteuk shared his tips on how K-pop groups can stay together for a long time.

During a Q&A segment, special guest UP10TION asked Leeteuk what his strategy was for a long-lasting group. The Super Junior leader responded, “I always say this to many groups. No matter how angry you get or how frustrating things are, as long as you don’t use the word ‘over,’ it’ll be okay.”

“Even if you get angry to the point of wanting to say things like ‘let’s give up, stop it, let’s break up, put a stamp on it,’ you have to stay patient. As long as you don’t say those words, you can last a long time,” explained Leeteuk.

Super Junior currently marked their 11th year since debut, while UP10TION recently made a comeback with their new summer song “Tonight.”

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