9MUSES’s Kyungri Opens Up About Being Blamed For Members Leaving Group

On the August 9 episode of tvN variety show “Taxi,” 9MUSES member Kyungri opens up about being blamed for the departure of some of her group members.

During the show, Kyungri addresses the rumors head on and denies that she contributed to Euaerin and Minha’s decision to leave 9MUSES. “Because there has been a lot of [members] joining and leaving 9MUSES, it was inevitable that there would be a lot of rumors,” Kyungri says. “There were so many comments though that said I’m the reason for the member change in members.”

“[Euaerin and Minha] unnis ended their contract with the agency on good terms and left,” Kyungri says. “I was also upset because of the rumors.”

9MUSES Kyungri

Meanwhile, Kyungri made a comeback on August 4 with “Lip 2 Lip” as part of new 9MUSES sub-unit 9MUSES A.

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