What Was 2PM’s Reaction To Jun.K’s Solo Comeback?

Right before he made his solo comeback on August 9, 2PM’s Jun.K held a Naver V live broadcast with some of his fellow members.


Chansung, Junho, and Nichkhun prepared a cake for him and Nichkhun said, “I’ve known Jun.K for 10 years. I’m really proud of him. I saw his solo performance just now and I almost cried.”

Junho added, “This is my first time ever seeing him shirtless, even though we lived in a dorm together for six years and went on tour. But for his music video and choreography, he revealed his body.” Jun.K explained that he had worked out while shooting magazine pictorials.

Finally, Jun.K thanked his members for their support, saying, “It’s always a strength to have my members here.”

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