Eric Nam Raises Money For Children’s Charity Through Karaoke

Eric Nam recently appeared at a karaoke room and sang his comeback track “Can’t Help Myself,” scoring 99 points.

He then “traded” his score for 990,000 won (about $898), which was donated to children with hearing loss.

It was part of a challenge hosted by Genie, which has so far raised more than 5.8 million won (about $5300). The money is given to support newborn infants born with hearing loss and 10,000 won is given for each karaoke score point.

“I wish I could participate in more campaigns where you can give people hope through singing,” Eric Nam said. “I had fun singing and dancing as if I’d come with my friends.”

The Genie Music Challenge has been running for four months and participating artists have so far included TWICE, Akdong Musician, Crush, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and f(x)’s Luna.

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