“Doctors” Responds To Criticism Of Park Shin Hye’s Nails In Drama

SBS drama “Doctors,” following the recent episodes, received some flak for Park Shin Hye’s nails.

The criticism was that as a surgeon, the character shouldn’t have long nails, nor be wearing nail polish.

park shin hye doctors nails

In response, “Doctors” staff stated to news, “Park Shin Hye’s nails were discussed with the production prior [to filming]. Because the polish wasn’t overly glamorous or conspicuous, we failed to consider [that it wasn’t appropriate for the character’s job]. We acknowledge that the situation wasn’t realistic. We will take care to not to miss those details through the end of the drama.”

Meanwhile, “Doctors” has been maintaining its spot as the no. 1 drama airing on Monday and Tuesday.

Watch the latest episode below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1104228v-doctors-episode-16

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