“Infinite Challenge” Takes On The World’s Scariest Slide For U.S. Episode

The “Infinite Challenge” team recently took on some intense roller coasters.

During a previous episode, the members were tasked with the challenge of riding the world’s scariest roller coaster. In order to accomplish this, they set out for Los Angeles to record a special U.S. episode.

On the upcoming episode, the members ride the SkySlide, a slide made entirely out of glass. The slide is located on the 72nd floor of the tallest skyscraper in California.


Park Myung Soo

The “Infinite Challenge” team also does a segment with GFRIEND, where they try to sing duets on a roller coaster with a 262-foot drop. Jung Joon Ha also attempts to eat spaghetti while riding a roller coaster, and uses 360 panorama footage to show all angles of his experience. The roller coaster is one of three haunted-theme roller coasters in the world, and incorporates 4D effects.

Infinite Challenge GFRIEND

Infinite Challenge

The episode is set to broadcast on August 13.

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