Watch: 2PM’s Taecyeon Belts Out Jun.K And Baek A Yeon’s Duet At Karaoke

2PM member Jun.K has the best promoters in the world: his groupmates!

Jun.K’s fellow 2PM members have been missing no opportunity to support Jun.K in his recent solo comeback with the album “Mr. No Love” and its title track “Think About You.” Even before the teasers for his new full album dropped, the guys were already tweeting about it to fans and to Jun.K, joking around about spoilers and getting everyone even more pumped for the album’s release.

Members Chansung, Junho, and Nichkhun joined him at his live show to celebrate his comeback, and Nichkhun made a quick cameo in the music video for one of the tracks, “Young Forever.”

The album dropped on August 9, and the guys definitely haven’t stopped promoting Jun.K’s tracks. On August 10, Taecyeon shared a video of himself at karaoke, where he announces he’s going to sing a song for Jun.K. The song is Jun.K’s duet with Baek A Yeon entitled “Don’t Go,” which is included on his latest album.

Taecyeon passionately sings the sad breakup song, closing his eyes and laughing as he switches back and forth between both parts. Watch it below!

In addition, when Jun.K recently appeared on a radio show on August 9, Taecyeon called in and was asked about how he’s been promoting Jun.K’s solo comeback. Host Choi Hwa Jung even joked that she heard Taecyeon is Jun.K’s “promotional ambassador.”

Although Taecyeon humbly says he’s just doing what he can to promote Jun.K’s comeback over social media, Jun.K agrees that he’s been a great promoter. He reveals, “Taecyeon sent an email to a reporter to thank them for the article they wrote about me.”

After listening to Taecyeon’s rendition, check out Jun.K and Baek A Yeon’s live performance of “Don’t Go” here!

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