Watch: Jang Hyunseung, Ten, Kim Chungha, And U-Kwon “Hit The Stage” In 2nd Competition

Mnet’s “Hit the Stage” has aired the first part of its second competition, featuring contestants from its previous lineup as well as some new additions!

NCT’s Ten, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, TWICE’s Momo, INFINITE’s Hoya, and Block B’s U-Kwon are back after performing in the show’s previous competition (which was won by SHINee’s Taemin). They’re joined by new contestants I.O.I’s Kim Chungha, former BEAST member Jang Hyunseung, and BIGSTAR’s FeelDog.

The concept for the new competition is “This Love,” and each dancer is tasked with performing a dance that fits the theme. In August 10’s episode, we see the first four performances, with the remaining four set to be aired next week!


As with the last competition, NCT’s Ten takes the stage first, performing with Jung Si Yeon with a “noona-dongsaeng love” concept. Ten seems disappointed by his score of 135, as he received 154 for his performance in the previous competition, but all the scores this week turn out to be much lower than they were on average last time.

Jang Hyunseung is next up on stage to perform on television for the first time after leaving BEAST earlier this year. He shocks the panel and other dancers with his provocative dance with Stephanie set to Chris Brown’s “No Filter.” Their concept is “The love of immature twenty-somethings,” and needless to say, this one’s a bit NSFW. They receive a score of 138.

Next is Kim Chungha, who performs for the first time without her group since her debut as a member of I.O.I. Her crew is Waack Crush, and their concept is a woman worthy of being a “girl crush” who’s become stronger after a break up. Naturally, she performs to a remix of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and “Run The World (Girls).” She grabs a score of 136, only two points behind Jang Hyunseung.

Last up for this episode is Block B’s U-Kwon, who takes the stage with Oh My Girls member YooA, performing as a pair of pets who lead a very different life when their owner is away. Don’t get fooled by the cutesy beginning, as they’ve got a twist in store for you. U-Kwon’s score will be revealed in next week’s episode!

Hyoyeon, Momo, Hoya, and FeelDog will be performing next week on August 17 as the second part of this competition, when the winner will be decided. What was your favorite performance this week?

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