Lee Si Eon Shows Off His 15-Year Friendship With Im Joo Hwan

The “scene stealers” of the drama “W” and “Uncontrollably Fond” have met!

On August 10, actor Lee Si Eon uploaded on his Instagram, saying, “We are friends. Joo Hwan has been my friend for 15 years. He’s always so mature and he’s like an older brother to me. Hwaiting. Let’s have a win-win together. Im Joo Hwan, Lee Si Eon. Let’s steal some scenes, my friend.”

In the photo, the two actors are smiling brightly for the camera.

Lee Si Eon and Im Joo Hwan are each starring in different dramas, “W,” and “Uncontrollably Fond,” respectively, which air at the same time. Disregarding the competition for viewership ratings, these two actors are putting their friendship first and are cheering each other on.

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