First Generation Girl Group S.E.S Reunites With SM Founder Lee Soo Man

S.E.S proves that loyalty runs deep as the beautiful three ladies take a picture with their former boss, Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment.

On August 10, Shoo updated her Instagram (@shoodesu) with a picture that shows her with the two other members of S.E.S at dinner with Lee Soo Man.

The accompanying caption says, “Tada~~~! The three sisters met with our father. Revealing this picture with permission from the father. Time has flown by so fast. But what I felt as I saw here was like I rode a merry-go-round and went back in time. At such a wonderful restaurant, smt. A crisp wine with delicious food that has such flagrant flavors and aromas that I can still feel. This place will become our hideout. We’re eating in our father’s name. Every day”

In the picture, you can see the ageless beauty of the three members of S.E.S, a first generation girl group that has undoubtedly influenced the current environment of Korean music today.

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