Girl Group Members Explain The Influence Of Girls’ Generation

The powerful reach of Girls’ Generation was reiterated once again on the latest episode of “Happy Together.”

On August 11, some of today’s hottest girl groups guested on the popular KBS variety show “Happy Together.” The episode featured Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, EXID’s Solji, GFRIEND’s Yerin, gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Melody Day’s Chahee and LABOUM’s Solbin.

On this episode, each of the girl group members go around and introduce themselves to the audience. When it comes to be Sunny’s turn, she draws attention as she gives a 90-degree bow as she says, “Hello, I’m Girls’ Generation’s energizer Sunny.”

MC Yoo Jae Suk says, “Girls’ Generation has celebrated their ninth anniversary. They hold the record for the most number ones on a music program amongst girl groups. They’ve gotten the top spot a hundred times on music programs.” MC Uhm Hyun Kyung adds, “After Girls’ Generation, 150 girl groups have debuted.”


The guests also go around and share about how they’ve built their dreams watching Girls’ Generation. Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong reveals, “It’s like a rite of passage for girl group trainees. All trainees try the ‘Into The New World’ dance at least once.” Melody Day’s Chahee also chimes in, saying, “I grew up watching Girls’ Generation. In elementary school, the prettiest girls in the class would dance to the Girls’ Generation songs during the talent shows.”

As the girls go around showering their praises of the talented group, Yoo Jae Suk jokes, “It’s like we’re watching the Girls’ Generation episode of ‘Immortal Song.'”

Check out the fun episode on Viki below!

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