Dutch Artist Wouter Hamel Responds To KNK After Surprising Post

Wouter Hamel, a famous Dutch jazz artist, recently mentioned KNK on his Twitter.

After KNK member Park Seung Joon uploaded Wouter Hamel’s song “Breezy” on the KNK official Twitter page, Wouter Hamel shared the post and asked, “Dear Korean fans, what’s going on here. My hangul is still really really bad sorry.”

In response to Wouter Hamel’s tweet, a Korean fan messaged the artist and explained that the KNK member recommended his song. After understanding the post, Wouter Hamel posted on his Twitter, saying, “Awww that’s sweet! Thank you, member of Korean group.”

Wouter Hamel

After the connection on Twitter, Wouter Hamel went on to follow KNK’s official Twitter account as well as member Park Seung Joon’s specific account.

KNK’s agency YNB Entertainment responded, “Park Seung Joon has been a fan of Wouter Hamel’s for a while, so he was touched by Hamel’s thank you message.”

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