Watch: Luna Celebrates Birthday With First Official Video On Personal Channel

August 12 is turning out to be an extra special day for f(x)’s Luna!

Not only is it the girl group member’s birthday, but it also marks the official launch of her very own channel, “Luna’s Alphabet.”

In her first video, Luna explains how there will be at least 26 videos, with each video having a theme starting with a different letter of the alphabet. For example, “f” will stand for f(x), and she will talk about everything related to her group. She also mentions how she will be directing and producing all her content on this channel, albeit with the help of other people.

Meanwhile, her family, who’ve gathered to celebrate her birthday, adds their own commentary to Luna’s actions.

At the very end, she ends by hinting at a future video coming involving a trip to Busan with her fellow member Amber, and by boldly taking off her makeup.

Watch Luna’s introductory video below!