Watch: DAY6 Sings Of Heartbreak With Cover Of BIGBANG’s “If You”

While on the August 11 broadcast of “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” three members of DAY6 perform an emotional rendition of “If You,” originally by BIGBANG.

With Young K on the guitar, Sungjin on the cajon, and Wonpil’s smooth vocals, they put on an impressive cover of the BIGBANG ballad, which was originally released in 2015. Fans immediately flocked to the video, commenting on everything from the soulful singing to the appropriately worded shirt worn by Sungjin that says “Perfection.”

DAY6 has proven their great musical ability through countless covers, including one of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” and “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

Check out their moving interpretation of the ballad below!

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