9 Girls’ Generation B-Sides You Need To Add To Your Playlist

Throughout their career, Girls’ Generation has put out hit after hit, but it’s easy to miss a few gems that never got official releases. We’ve compiled a list of amazing b-side songs that you should add to your playlist (if you haven’t done so already). Because it has already been nine years, there are so many good ones; here are just some of Girls’ Generation’s best b-sides.

1. “Trick” (2011, “The Boys”)

Included on their 2011 album “The Boys,” “Trick” is arguably one of the most well-loved songs from the group. It’s one of their songs that never saw a live performance, so here’s hoping they get to show fans some new choreography.

2. “Merry-go-round” (2008, “Baby Baby”)

This song about memories of young love is from their first full album “Baby Baby.” Regardless of whether you can identify with the lyrics, “Merry-go-round” is easy on the ears when you just want something fresh to listen to.

3. “Bump It” (2015, “Lion Heart”)

Taken from their most recent album, “Bump It” is about how nervous and awkward someone is around a person they like. What many fans love about this song aside from the beat is the accompanying choreography, which the group displayed during their Phantasia tour last year.

4. “Echo” (2010, “Run Devil Run”)

“Echo” was on the “Run Devil Run” repackage album and even included a music video. Light and upbeat, “Echo” is the perfect summer song.

5. “Goodbye” (2014, “Mr. Mr.”)

Probably one of the songs that best highlight each member’s vocals, “Goodbye” was included on Girls’ Generation’s 4th mini album “Mr. Mr.” The lyrics talk about being disappointed with a significant other and choosing to say goodbye rather than continuing the relationship.

6. “Express 999” (2013, “I Got A Boy”)

Taken from their 2013 album “I Got A Boy,” The lyrical context of “Express 999” is based on the anime/manga “Galaxy Express 999,” which ran from the late 70s to early 80s.

7. “Let’s Talk About Love” (2009, “Gee”)

This track from the “Gee” mini album speaks from a third party perspective on a relationship by giving advice to a couple in crisis, telling them not to lose each other and to share their honest feelings.

8. “Wake Up” (2010, “Hoot”)

“Wake Up” is what I would consider an underrated track, included on the group’s mini album “Hoot.” The song talks about being hurt by a guy and feeling betrayed despite sticking by him for so long. This is another song I would have loved to see live.

9. “Sign” (2015, “Lion Heart”)

Another track from Lion Heart, “Sign” speaks about wanting a person to show you a sign if they like you. The narration is of someone being awkward and nervous about showing their feelings for the first time. The song has a futuristic feel to it which is also expressed in the live stages.

There you have it, nine amazing b-sides that deserve a spot on your playlist. It was hard to narrow down the list to just nine tracks, but we’d be here all day if I added more. What are some of your favorite songs from Girls’ Generation?

Watch Girls’ Generation perform “Lion Heart” and “Gee” at the recent Busan One Asia Festival opening:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1112623v-2016-busan-one-festival-one-asia-festival-opening-performance-episode-1

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