Kim Min Suk Opens Up About Recent Positive Response To His Acting On “Doctors”

Actor Kim Min Suk, who currently plays neurosurgery resident Choi Kang Soo on SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctors,” recently opened up about the positive reviews he has been receiving for his portrayal of his character, especially in episode 16 which aired on August 9.

I actually don’t get a good sense of [the positive response] because we are still filming, and I haven’t thought about it. First and foremost, all I did was let the emotions lead me as I follow the script that our writer wrote so well, and I’m really glad to hear that people have received it positively,” Kim Min Suk says.

“I feel a sense of responsibility to pluck up and work hard in order to show you even better acting,” he says.

Kim Min Suk also talks about the drama’s tight filming schedule. “I spend more time on set than at home,” the actor reveals. “I was tired all the way up until the drama ended, but my schedule is nothing compared to Kim Rae Won hyung and Park Shin Hye’s. Because all the staff is working so hard, I am plodding away hard in filming.”

You can see Kim Min Suk’s impressive acting in the latest episode of “Doctors” on Viki below!

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