“Law Of The Jungle” Viewers Request Choi Yeo Jin Edited Out Due To Controversy

Previously, Choi Yeo Jin and her mother were in the spotlight after her mother posted an insult directed toward Olympic gold medalist Ki Bo Bae on her Instagram account. Both Choi Yeo Jin and her mother wrote apologies but it appears as though criticism remains.

On August 12, SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” aired an episode including Choi Yeo Jin. Some viewers were displeased with the inclusion and started writing on the show’s message board requesting for her removal from the show.

Since the controversy on August 7, over 200 posts were written related to Choi Yeo Jin on the show’s homepage. The majority of them demand for the actress to be edited out from the show. However, some netizens have stood up for the actress saying that guilt by association is unfair since she didn’t say the insults herself.

“Law of the Jungle” has yet to comment on what will happen to the next episode.

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