“Infinite Challenge” Cast Coincidentally Bumps Into Kim Jong Kook In LA

The “Infinite Challenge” cast runs into singer and TV personality Kim Jong Kook during their Los Angeles special!

On the August 13 broadcast of the MBC program, the members visit Los Angeles and spot Kim Jong Kook walking down the road by chance.

As soon as they see him, the members alight their bus and happily greet the singer. Fascinated by the coincidence, Haha comments, “Is this America or Garosu-gil (a popular area in Seoul)?”

Kim Jong Kook proudly declares, “This is LA, my second home.”

kim jong kook jung joon ha park myung soo yoo jae suk haha kwanghee

When the members notice two phones and a full wallet in Kim Jong Kook’s hands, Yoo Jae Suk asks, “We haven’t exchanged our money’s currency yet, can you just lend us 100 dollars?”

Kim Jong Kook begins to consider it for a moment, until Park Myung Soo snatches his phone from behind.

They continue exchanging pleasantries and banter, and the members comment teasingly, “Even in the U.S., he walks around with that duck-footed gait.”

Catch last week’s “Infinite Challenge” episode below!

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