Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Cast And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Eat Spaghetti On A Roller Coaster

On August 13’s episode of “Infinite Challenge,” the cast meets up with hit girl group GFRIEND in Los Angeles to take on a challenge together!

The guys of “Infinite Challenge” are in Los Angeles in part to help fulfill Jung Joon Ha’s mission of riding one of the scariest roller coasters in the world. GFRIEND arrives to give them a helping hand at the theme park first, and they’re all given the mission of singing a duet on a ride with one of the “Infinite Challenge” members. However, Jung Joon Ha and his partner from GFRIEND will be doing the special mission of eating spaghetti while they’re on the roller coaster.

Eunha asks the other members if anyone wants to be do the spaghetti mission, and Yoo Jae Suk says she seems eager herself. “Actually, since we’ve been here in the United States, I’ve had pizza and hamburgers but I haven’t had spaghetti,” she says, and with that it’s decided she’ll be doing the mission with Jung Joon Ha.

Naturally, many of the members’ “duets” on the roller coaster turn into more screaming than singing. Amazingly, when Eunha and Jung Joon Ha try to eat spaghetti on the ride, Eunha manages to do it like a pro, as Jung Joon Ha screams and gets his spaghetti all over his face, as well as the members of GFRIEND behind them!

Watch the scene in the episode of “Infinite Challenge” below.