“Infinite Challenge” Members And Zico Poke Fun At Each Other

The cast and Block B’s Zico playfully made fun of each other on “Infinite Challenge.”

On the August 13 episode of the MBC program, the members meet the Block B leader in Los Angeles to add their lyrics for their song “Hit the Hit” to the beat made by Zico.

Hearing Zico’s production for the first time, Yoo Jae Suk teases, “You didn’t seem to work very hard making this.” Haha also says, “This wasn’t made with much effort,” and later jokes, “You’re not Zico, but Mr. Kim Byung Ji, aren’t you?” referring to the former football player.

kwanghee jung joon ha park myung soo zico yoo jae suk haha

When Park Myung Soo tells Zico that it must have taken only an hour to produce the beat, the rapper hilariously admits, “That’s right, it took exactly one hour.”

During the episode, Zico also listens to Jung Joon Ha‘s rapping and acts disappointed as he says, “Hyung, but I tried so hard to teach you.”

Watch the “Infinite Challenge” episode below!

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