Kim Min Suk Responds To Praise For His MCing Skills

Actor Kim Min Suk talked about the feedback he is receiving for his new post as an “Inkigayo” MC.

He is not only being commended for his acting skills on “Doctors,” but also for his performance as an MC for SBS’s “Inkigayo” with actress Gong Seung Yeon and TWICE member Jungyeon.

In an interview, the three respond to the praise they have garnered for breezing through hosting without any big mistakes, despite having no prior experience.

Kim Min Suk humbly says, “The crew think of us three as a dream team. I think it’s because I’m lumped with the Yoo sisters (the real last name of siblings Gong Seung Yeon and Jungyeon is Yoo). I’m benefiting from them.”

He confesses, “It’s slowly getting easier, but when I’m still nervous, it angers me. So far I’m just pretending to not be afraid of live shows.”

Meanwhile, the three MCs have been displaying steady progress as “Inkigayo” MCs since their appointment in July.

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