GFRIEND Tops Girl Group Brand Power Rankings For August

The Korean Business Research Institute revealed their data and ranking for girl group brand power for August (from July 12 to August 13). The research institute gathered 45,077,765 pieces of data, from participation, communication, community, and reputation indexes.

GFRIEND came in first place with 1,150,500 for participation, 2,982,966 for communication, and 1,851,053 for community, resulting in a total score of 5,984,519 for their brand reputation.

Following GFRIEND for second place was TWICE with 2,557,900 for participation, 2,555,388 for communication, 224,169 for community for a total of 5,337,457. In third place was I.O.I with 2,741,300 for participation, 1,665,477 for communication, and 193,139 for community for a total of 4,599.916.

Other girl groups who made the rankings for August include: Wonder Girls, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, gugudan, Girls Day, AOA, A Pink, Rainbow, Nine Muses, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, SISTAR, MAMAMOO, T-ara, EXID, Fiestar, and Secret.

Data was collected from consumers’ online habits and the influence of brand on consumption. Brand power rankings were determined by positive negative assessments, level of media interest as well as the interest and communication traffic from consumers.

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