Lee Jung Jae Overflows With Cuteness For The SoDa Siblings

Charismatic actor Lee Jung Jae shows off a completely new side to him on the latest episode of “The Return Of Superman!”

On the August 14 episode of the popular KBS variety show, Lee Yoon Jin travels to Busan with her two adorable children Da Eul and So Eul to support her husband Lee Beom Soo, who is there for his movie “Operation Chromite.”

Before the movie begins, the SoDa siblings pass out water bottles to the audience members, cutely saying, “Please watch the movie well.”

After they finish passing out the water bottles, they go to the waiting room to look for their father, where they find Lee Jung Jae, who also stars in the movie.

As soon as the actor sees the SoDa siblings, he breaks out into a huge smile and holds out his arms to hug them.

However, So Eul and Da Eul instead bow down 90 degrees to him and leaves Lee Jung Jae hanging. He immediately bows to them as well.

Lee Jung Jae SoDa

He then shows off a cute aegyo set of three expressions in order to gain their love.

When Lee Yoon Jin later asks So Eul if she knows who Lee Jung Jae is, she replies, “Hamburger uncle,” to the amusement of everyone there.

Check out the adorable episode on Viki below!

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