Beagle Siblings Seol Ah, Soo Ah And Daebak Destroy Their Sisters’ Birthday Cake

Lee Dong Gook’s children Seol Ah, Soo Ah and Daebak live up to their troublemaker reputation as they make a complete mess of what’s left of their older sisters’ birthday cake.

On the August 14 episode of the popular KBS variety show “The Return of Superman,” Lee Dong Gook prepares a sweet birthday cake for his two older twin daughters Jae Si and Jae Ah. His five children all gather together to enjoy the cake. Soon, Jae Si and Jae Ah go to their room to sleep and Lee Dong Gook leaves briefly to answer the phone. That’s when the fiasco begins.

Soo Ah starts it off by grabbing a piece of the cake with her bare hands and Daebak and Seol Ah soon follow her. All three of them rub the the cream from the cake onto the table and have fun massaging it into their skin as well.

2Daebak Soo Ah Seol Ah

When their father returns from his phone call, he is at a loss for words and just laughs as he tells them, “You shouldn’t play with your food.”

Daebak Soo Ah Seol Ah

In his interview with the writers, he says, “I don’t even get surprised anymore. It’s my fault. I knew something like this could happen but I left the room,” as he explains that perhaps his children had learned to develop their senses as they played with the cream. It seems like he has learned that these fiascos will continue to occur frequently, as they have in the past, when the beagle siblings did it to his own birthday cake!

Watch the funny episode on Viki below!

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