Watch: Kim So Hyun Releases “Dream” OST For “Bring It On, Ghost”

tvN has shared the latest OST for the drama “Bring It On, Ghost,” featuring vocals by none other than one of its stars, Kim So Hyun!

Kim So Hyun lent her sweet voice to the acoustic ballad “Dream,” which was released on August 16 at midnight KST. The music video for the track shows Kim So Hyun recording the song in a studio, as well as clips from the show of the love story between the characters played by Kim So Hyun and her co-star Taecyeon of 2PM. Watch it below!

“Bring It On, Ghost” tells the story of a ghost (played by Kim So Hyun) and an exorcist (played by Taecyeon) who team up to help ghosts pass on to the afterlife.

What do you think of Kim So Hyun’s new track for “Bring It On, Ghost”?