Why Did Baek Ji Young Pick 2PM’s Taecyeon To Duet With Her For “My Ear’s Candy?”

Soulful ballad singer Baek Ji Young reveals some behind the scenes info about her hit dance track “My Ear’s Candy!”

On the August 15 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” Baek Ji Young shares her top three songs and among them was her 2009 song “My Ear’s Candy.”

She opens up about how she got the track, saying, “This is a song that I received from Bang Shi Hyuk. At that time, I really wanted to do an up tempo song. After “I Won’t Love,” there weren’t any up tempo songs coming in. And so I went to see Bang Shi Hyuk and asked him to write me a fast song.”

She continues, “I think he played me two songs but I didn’t even hear the other song. That’s how much I liked “My Ear’s Candy.'”

She reveals why she picked her duet partner, 2PM’s Taecyeon, saying, “At the time, I heard [2PM’s] “10 Out Of 10,” and I wanted to sing with him after I heard that song.”

Kim Chang Ryul jokes if maybe she had wanted to sing with him for more personal reasons, and she retorts, “What personal reasons? I’m twelve years older than him!” as they all laugh together.

Check out the music video from the song below. What do you think of their collaboration?

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