Baek Ji Young Reveals A Weird Place She Once Slept In While Drunk

Baek Ji Young never disappoints with her hilarious stories and funny anecdotes!

The talented singer is the guest on the August 15 broadcast of the JTBC show “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator.”

She talks about her upcoming tour in August and shares that she will be dancing to a TWICE song. MC Kim Sung Joo then tells her to dance if the food that the chefs make her is good, to which she agrees to.

Baek Ji Young 2

Her refrigerator is revealed and the first thing that catches their eyes is the amount of alcohol in it. Baek Ji Young cracks up immediately and then Kim Sung Joo surprises her with a quick question of if she has ever slept in a dog house before when she was drunk. Sure enough, she reveals, “Yes, there has been a time when I drank alcohol and slept in a dog house. It was outside and it was a big dog house. But it really happened just that one time.”

Check out the funny scene below!

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