“Idol Star Athletics Championships” To Include New Event And Change Format

The biannual “Idol Star Athletics Championships” is shaking up its format a little for its upcoming Chuseok special.

Currently, the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” include wrestling, futsal, archery, and athletics.

According to a source from the broadcasting industry, the show aims to add rhythmic gymnastics to the list of events. The source also states that the girl groups who have been selected to appear have received the rules from the production staff and are working hard on their practice schedules. (It appears that only girl groups will be competing in the new event.)

“Idol Star Athletics Championships” began in 2010 as an athletics event and has added new disciplines ever since. It typically airs as a two-part special, but for the first time in six years, the show will be condensed to a single episode.

The reason for this format change appears to be the increasing number of pilots that MBC aims to launch during the Chuseok season.

Filming will begin on August 29, although the SM Entertainment artists will not be participating this year due to an overlapping company vacation.

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