“Tunnel” Actor Revealed To Share Family Connection With Famous Rapper

The film “Tunnel,” which is about a man who is heading home from work after buying a birthday cake for his daughter and gets trapped in a collapsed tunnel, is currently garnering a lot of interest from domestic audiences.

The movie stars Ha Jung Woo, Oh Dal Soo, and Bae Doona, but one secondary actor, Jo Hyun Chul, was noted for his resemblance to the rapper Mad Clown.

tunnel jo hyun chul

Jo Hyun Chul plays the maknae of the rescue team in the film, and his appearance in glasses is the mirror image of Mad Clown, who is his older brother.

Jo Hyun Chul has appeared in films such as “Architecture 101” and “Chinatown.” In a pictorial with the fashion magazine International bnt, he said about his brother, “Lately we don’t have the opportunity to meet a lot so we don’t fight. When we were younger, we fought a lot.”

Can you see the family resemblance?

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