Seo In Guk Updates Fans From The Set Of “Shopping King Louie” With Silly Photo

Actor Seo In Guk posted a selfie on the set of his new drama “Shopping King Louie.”

On August 16, Seo In Guk uploaded a silly photo of himself on Instagram and wrote, “Jo…ker? Ketchup joker, a beggar Louie, yum yum it’s delicious, Louie is so ugly, Louie this kid.”

In the photo, Seo In Guk looks like he’s wearing a unique top, his hair is a mess and he’s got ketchup all around his mouth.

Fans are excited to see his performance in this drama after his recent one, “Squad 38,” wrapped up earlier this month.

“Shopping King Louie” will air in September after “W” finishes its run.

Are you looking forward to seeing him in this drama?

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