Watch: Roy Kim And Jung Joon Young Try To Catch Fish And Pokemon On “Celebrity Bromance”

Best friends Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim go on an adventure on Mokpo Island in their second episode of “Celebrity Bromance”!

In this episode, the two board a boat to go on a fishing trip. Jung Joon Young is quite skilled at fishing, thanks to his frequent fishing trips with CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun, but Roy Kim is just a beginner.

Celebrity Bromance Jung Joon Young Roy Kim

Despite being used to fishing, Jung Joon Young confesses, “I can’t touch fish with my bare hands.” Roy Kim is stunned and asks Jung Joon Young if he was going to try to make him grab them instead, and he answers coolly that that was his plan.

Celebrity Bromance Jung Joon Young Roy Kim3

Jung Joon Young also confirms that they can play the hit game “Pokemon Go” (which is unavailable in most parts of South Korea) on Mokpo Island, and so they happily also turn their fishing trip into a mission to catch ’em all.

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!

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